Our History

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Kroeger Inc. began in 1971 as a wholesale distributor in the hobby (toy/collectibles) business, selling primarily to the specialty store market and supplying products wholesale from large manufacturers (such as Hasbro and Mattel). The specialty market was a market that needed attention as the large manufacturers’ primary concentration was on the mass retailers.

As the years progressed and the business prospered, Kroeger Inc. began to import product from Europe and Asia. This enabled supply of product to the independent market, when demand for overseas product was growing.

The company was sold in June, 1989.

Dave Charbonneau, a staff member at the time, bought the company and introduced further lines into the company portfolio, as well as expanded into the mass market. Recently, he diversified even further, adding gift lines to complement the already established and successful toy and hobby lines.


In March, 2015, the company was sold to Grant Chapman. Grant brings with him a wealth of management and toy industry knowledge and contacts. Having worked for such MEGA brands as Nintendo, Nike, Mattel, SpinMaster and Indigo, the Company’s goal is to continue to grow the diversified portfolio and provide exemplary service to all who interact with Kroeger Inc.